World of Warcraft – A Free Guide to Earning WoW Gold (Part 1)


Do you want to earn World of Warcraft gold? Notice that I said “earn” not buy. There really is no reason to buy WoW gold when it is so easy to earn. Let me tell you how.

There are many “guides” to making gold in the World of Warcraft universe but all of them basically tell you the same thing that I am going to outline in this article. The difference between the guides and my article is that you have to pay for the guides. Why pay for advice when I will give it to you freely.

There are a number of strategies used by those high cost gold guides. Here they are.

Use the Auction House to Your Advantage

The Auction House is your bread and butter in World of Warcraft. Get used to using it since you are going to be there quite often.

The very first thing that you need to do is visit to download and install the add-on. Once it is installed go to the auction house and run a scan. You will need to do this at least twice per day for about a week, doing this will allow the add-on to build a database of all of the items that are bought and sold in the game. After a week I would suggest that you scan at least once per week to keep you database fresh.

The key feature that you will be using is the Buy wow gold  Enhanced tool tip that comes with this mod. When you place your cursor over an item a window will open as normal in the game, but with a difference. Your window will now display the auction house information for the item. It will display how many times the item has been seen for sale at the auction house along with the starting bid and buy out. Pay special attention to the very bottom of the item window. It will tell you if the item can be purchased from a NPC vendor and how much it costs. If it can be purchased from an NPC vendor you need to visit one of the databases online such as Thottbot or Allakhazam and determine who sells it and where. Once you know that you can purchase the item and then sell it at auction.

This Free guide will be continued in part 2 and continue the discussion of auction house strategy. Other installments of this guide will cover the many other ways that you can earn WoW gold without buying it illegally from online gold brokers.


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