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What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing emergency can knock at any time, without prior warning. Any plumbing emergency calls for a calm nerve. Panic has never helped and nor will it in the future. In case of any plumbing emergency, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind even before you contact plumbers All you need is to know a little bit about plumbing and how to minimize the damage before you decide to contact plumbing services.

Don’t panic and keep these tips in mind during a plumbing emergency:


  • The first thing to do in such a situation is to shut the water supply off. You should locate the main water valve of your house and shut it off in case the damage is extensive and widespread. If some particular unit has plumbing issues, then find out its individual water valve and shut it off. Most water valves, if turned clockwise, tend to close off.



  • If the leak is small it can be tackled easily. Keep some plumbers’ tape handy and wrap it around the leaking pipe in case of a water leakage. It should fix minor issues. If you do not have any professional tape in your house, then wrap a towel or spare cloth around it. Keep a bucket below the leaking area so that the water is contained Seattle Plumber  at one place and not spilled everywhere. Once you have taken these measures, seek plumbing service providers.



  • Drain the water out of the pipe after you have shut the water valve. Try to unclog the drain and direct the water out of your house. However, make sure you do no further damage to the pipes or the drain in the process. Do not use harsh chemicals or extensive tools either.



  • Water leakage is not the only plumbing issue that people face. If your water heater is not heating water effectively, that is, if it is either too hot or not warm at all, then that is also an issue. Do not try to fix water heater related issues by yourself. It will be best to ask for a plumber in such a case.



  • Leakage from a water heater is both harmful and dangerous. It can cause a major flood and then there is always a chance of electrical malfunction. It will be best to turn off the water supply, find the number of the best plumbing service of all the plumbing services, and let them handle the situation.



  • Clogged drains feature in the list of most common plumbing issues. They are used so often and so many times in a day, and sometimes they choke up without any further notice, flooding the whole area and causing possible water damage to goods. In case of a clogged drain, use a plunger to let it breathe a little. If it is completely clogged then don’t pour any kind cleanser down it. Instead, try and keep things out of the range of the flood water, do not pour any more water down that way and wait out for your plumber.


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