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What to Consider When Ordering Thermal Paper Rolls

So, your store is running out of receipt paper, and you need to order a new supply of thermal paper rolls. What do you do? Here are some things you need to consider when buying receipt paper online.

o Size-Thermal paper rolls come in array of widths and lengths. It’s important to know the exact model of thermal printer you’re using so that you can find the right paper for your needs. Widths of thermal paper rolls typically range from 1 ½” to 4 9/32″. Furthermore, you can also choose the length of the roll. Obviously, the longer the roll is, the more receipts you’ll be able to print. Just make sure your printer has room to store the size you choose.

o Quality-At first glance, you might assume all thermalpaper is the same. You’d be wrong. Thermal paper rolls come in a wide range of quality levels. The lower quality rolls might be cheaper, but they tend to leave behind residue on your printer ribbon. This hinders the printing process, and it can even lead to damage of your thermal printer. Furthermore, low quality thermal paper rolls often fade more easily. Be sure you get premium quality paper made in the USA.

o Quantity-The next thing you need to consider is how many rolls you need to order. If 高速文儀 run a small store, you might be tempted to order just a handful of rolls. But consider this: Many thermal paper providers offer discounts for bulk orders. Typically, if you order 25 or more cases, you can get a significant discount. This will save you money, and it will keep you stocked up for the near future.

o Price-Choosing register rolls based on price alone can be a dangerous tactic, but the simple truth is your business does have a budget to consider. If you do your homework and make sure the paper is the highest quality, then you should always do some price comparisons. Remember to consider the length of the rolls as well as discounts available for bulk orders/ Many paper companies also offer special sales as well as discounts to those who refer new customers.

o Customization-An important question you need to ask yourself is “Do I need to have my receipts customized?” Common customizations include adding your company logo as a watermark, printing your policies on the back of the receipt, and including coupons on the back of each receipt. Not all thermal paper companies offer this service, so you should always check with the provider before placing your order. A customized receipt can go a long way to creating a professional image, keeping your customers informed, and generating repeat business through coupons.

Whether you’re a small mom and pop shop or a large chain of clothing stores, you should always do your homework when ordering thermal paper rolls. Spending a little extra time can ensure you get the best product at a price that will make your bottom line very happy.

By David Mindich of Thermal Paper Direct, supplier of T-Shirt Bag & Paper Grocery Bags

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