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Top Home Decorating Ideas That You Can Do Easily

Home decorating is something that you can do to enhance your living space. When you spend time there with your friends, guests and loved ones, your experiences there are magnified. When your home is beautiful, your times there are even greater than before. There are some great tips that you can follow which will make your home have the exact look feel you want.

If you know these tips, your decorating efforts will be 2 to 3 times as effective. If you don’t know these tips, your decor efforts may go unnoticed. So what to do?

Here are the tips you need to know:

1. First think about the walls.

Why the wall? It’s the easiest place to start and makes the biggest impact as it’s a large area of the room. Think about the type of decor or wall art that you like. Do you have a theme that you like, such as natural scenes and landscapes, cityscapes, modern art or other theme. Then select a work of art such as a tapestry, painting, or print that you like. For a large wall, select a large work of art for greatest effect. It feels as if you can walk right into the scene. It’s a beautiful and wonderful effect.

2. Look at the main colors in your room to know how to decorate with this.

Do you have light colors and neutral tones? In this case, you can be more flexible in that either light, dark toned or even intense colored art can suit. Do you have dark tones? In this case, more saturated colors or darker works can work well as they will match. Do you have medium toned colors? In this case choose a work that has a color that is similar or related to the room’s colors. For example, if you have greens and browns in your room, then a piece of art that has greens, browns or even yellows will match. It doesn’t have to be mainly in this color, as long as there is some leaning wall shelf in the work to relate to the room.

2. Then look at the amount of clear space you have in the room.

This is so overlooked but is a very important part of decorating. Depending on your style and the room, the amount of clear space you want can be a lot or less. Start by looking at items that are showing. Are there a lot of items showing that you feel should be placed inside a closed side cabinet, in another place or in another room? When you put away excess, you will get to a point where there is enough clear space. Enough to make the place inviting for you and guests. This has a major impact, especially if you put away the papers and non decorative items, and have instead a few items that either are for entertaining, leisure related or decorative. These can be simple such as some photos, some favorite magazines, pieces of nature such as shells or acorns, or a favorite decoration.

These are the most important 3 things to consider, and will make your decor effective. Start with these and most of your work is done with decorating. And these steps are simple, easy to do and has an enormous impact. In fact if you just do these 3 steps, you may not need to do much more at all, and the effect of your decorating efforts will have your friends and loved ones make comments.

So go ahead and put these home decorating tips into practice and see and experience the effects.

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