Tips to Improve Your Body Building Program – Part III


In the last two articles I have talked about how to improve your body building regime by avoiding injuries and avoiding getting stuck in the plateau periods of body building. In this article I would like to discuss about diet and body building. Diet has a sever implication when it comes to building muscle mass. In fact there are many studies conducted throughout the world by the nutrition experts to identify and separate the substances which actually help the body builders.

When someone speaks about diet and body building most of the people tend to think of supplements. Well this is not entirely true. I personally do not recommend any supplements in order to gain muscle mass. Before the advent of the commercial supplement products into the markets there were people who were building body and they achieved fabulous results without consuming any commercial supplements. The fact is that these supplement industries have created such an atmosphere in the body building community that everybody nowadays believes that in order to achieve the muscle mass it is important to consume supplements.

If you are actively body building then the diet buy npp requirement for you will vary markedly compared to normal people. You need to understand what you require and plan your diet accordingly. For starters let’s begin with the normal amount of calories required by any normal individual. It is around 24000KJoules of calories, this is gained by a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. If you are body building then your requirements depend on your goal. If you are over weight and want to reduce your weight then the daily intake should be less than 2400KJoules, if you are thinner and want to achieve the desired weight then your calories intake should be slightly higher then the normal requirement.

Once you have understood the concept of a calorie we will move on to planning your diet. For muscle mass you require a lot of proteins. So in your diet you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and increase your protein intake. You need to remember that if you reduce carbohydrates then you need to compensate the amount of protein in such a way that the total amount of calories still remains the same. The concept behind the necessity of calories and protein consumption is beyond the scope of this article, so for time being we will stick to this simple concept. When it comes to amount of fats, you need to understand the fact that fats are required by our body, without the normal amount of fats body would not be able to synthesize hormones and various other enzymes. However it is up to you to consume the right type of fat. The unsaturated fatty acids are always better than saturated fatty acids. So you need to include food items which contain unsaturated fatty acids


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