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The Social Media Bonanza – Social Media Tools For Marketing

With hundreds, if not thousands of videos and articles for social media tools for marketing and training, how do you find the right ones.

Well that is a very difficult one. You could BONANZAJP search endlessly for hrs finding the newest tools and the people promoting them for sure.

As far as the tools go, it is a never ending search. New media tools for training will continue to roll off the manufacturing line faster than you can pick them.

Let’s focus more for a moment on the people doing the training for social media and the tools connected to the training, which is many times where I learn about the specific tools for social media.

Is the trainer someone who has good if not great free content to offer? Here are a few key things I would consider:

Are they talking about good and positive things on their feeds, such as self help and growth?

Do they show great video’s and photo’s on their Facebook profile and wall?

So basically are they setting the example as a top level social media expert, with good things to share, not too silly or using brash wording, and especially not turning every conference call they offer into a sales pitch, where its all about buy this here and now.

That usually doesn’t fly too well with me. They need to offer high value to capture ones attention

So with lots of tools, resources and training out there, most importantly choose the trainer wisely and everything else should come along smoothly.


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