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The Dairy Farm Syndrome

I believe that at some time, we have all asked our selves “How would I get additional deals volume from my downline?”


After some thought on that issue, that’s what numerous advertisers understand assuming they train their enlisted people in legitimate information on the items and administrations it will spur beforehand unmotivated individuals that will bring about additional deals. A cycle at times called duplication. ie: Duplicate yourself and you will have more deals and more enrolls.


Somewhat like draining a cow. You need to extract sufficiently to get the milk from the cow, and you need to crush an adequate number of times to ensure you get all the milk.


So you milk a cow the correct way, you help Botany at Dairy Farm Condo individuals to drain a cow the correct way, the cow still just gives a similar measure of milk every day.


So back to our inquiry: “How would I get more Milk?”


The response is simple, do the troublesome assignments. Preparing, instructing, and duplication is the simple aspect. You are working with individuals who are as of now your individuals so there is no dismissal. They went along with you and believe that you should assist them with succeeding, so they will pay attention to you.


To get more “Milk”- – GET MORE COWS!


That is all there is to it, get more individuals, enroll, face that challenge of dismissal and develop your association. Newcomers get new energy, new fervor, and begin an enlistment compounding phenomenon with your downline.


To put it plainly, your time enjoyed with your downline in preparing and duplication is significant yet an excess of time in that space isn’t the most ideal way to develop your association.


To get more milk, get more cows.


This isn’t to be mistaken for:




The watermelon condition goes this way:


Two people needed to make some additional money so they got this thought. They went down to the neighborhood ranchers market and purchased a load of watermelons at $1 each. They tracked down a spot close to the street to settle in and opened up the rear end with a sign,




Well think about what, they sold each melon in an extremely brief time frame so they returned to the ranchers market and purchased another load for $1 each. Back to the side of the road stop, out with a greater sign,




Again they sold out. Well one of the two says “Stand by brief here, we aren’t getting a lot of cash. We need to change something, we are selling every one of our melons without fail and we ought to get more cash-flow.” The second person concurs. Then, at that point, a light happens over both these folks and they understand what they need to do.

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