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Not Just Frozen Pipes: Summer Plumbing Problems

Ah, the happy, lazy days of summer! It is the perfect time to lay back and rest. Yet residential plumbing problems never really take a summer vacation… Despite the fact that winter is considered the plumber’s busiest season, summer is also known to have its share of plumbing predicaments. As we all know, we drink water excessively during the summer and that in itself is already liable to cause trouble.

So what should you do to avoid summer plumbing problems?

The sprinkler heads should be Seattle Plumber well maintained. Many people have an automatic irrigation solution at home. Sometimes the pop up sprinkler heads get displaced because of a lawn mover or a car and that’s when the water stops sprinkling and turns into a full-blown geyser. This is a plumbing emergency that should be attended to at once by professionals.

Always have an inspector check your home sprinklers, especially during the summer when they are used much more often. Also, make sure you keep a couple of spare sprinklers, just in case you need to replace the existing sprinklers.

Another nightmarish cause for plumbing problems is tree roots. In reality tree roots are the number one cause for blockages and clogged drains, creating plumbing predicaments that range from foul odors to broken pipes. Tree roots tend to grow at a faster pace in hot weather, and the summer is therefore the perfect time for them to wreak havoc. To avoid these unpleasant situations, ask your local plumbers to check your pipes and drains before the hot season, and clear any protruding roots.

Plumbers in Lacey, WA will carry out plumbing maintenance jobs throughout the year, and will do their utmost to ensure you can enjoy your summer vacation.


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