Jesus Fails the two Witness’s Validation Requirement for His Existence


Review: In 'Jesus Christ Superstar,' an Old Story for (Yet Another) New  Millennium - The New York TimesIn any court of law, there have to be at least two witnesses to validate what the person on trial is saying is true. Even in the Bible, the requirement of two or the mystical teachings of jesus more witnesses is necessary to prove a case. Jesus completely fails this two witness’s requirement to prove that he even existed, and if so, that he is what he claims himself to be.

The only witness that Jesus has to prove that he was a real person and is what he claims to be is the Bible. There are some who will say that the different writers of the New Testament are all the witnesses that Jesus needs to prove his case. However, all of these witnesses are from the Bible and the Bible is the only source document suggesting that an entity called Jesus was an actual person.

There are also people who claim that they have seen Jesus and that he talks to them regularly. Can people who make such claims be considered as being reliable witnesses for the defense in the case for the existence of Jesus? Not really, because these people come from a Christian culture so their testimony is prejudiced for the existence of Jesus with or without solid evidence. This religious and cultural indoctrination make people with such claims unreliable witnesses for the defense.

There are a few other documents that may vaguely refer to a Jesus as being a real person, but the root of these documents all come from Christian propaganda and can be dismissed as being valid extra-biblical witnesses to the validity of a person called Jesus. In any court, the case of Jesus would be dismissed due to the lack of any evidence beyond the Bible that proves or disproves that he ever existed as a living person. The newly formed religion of the area needed a name and a leader in order to move forward. This new religion’s goal was to separate itself from the religion of the so-called Jews, so its enthusiasts dipped their hands into a bucket and pulled the name Jesus out of the many people who were professing to be the savior at that time. Once they had a name they proceeded to build a story around that name and took that name as the name of their religion. This is the argument that the prosecution insinuates in its arguments against the existence of Jesus and the defense has nothing except the Bible to disprove this argument.

If Jesus is the son of God as he claims himself to be then other cultures would have some knowledge or hint of him in their traditions, none do. There is not the slightest bit of physical evidence or any vague reference to a Jesus in non-Christian documents and folklore that can be used as witnesses to the personage of Jesus the son of God as being a real person. Jesus is a cultural and religious icon that has nothing to support him outside of the Western Christian culture.

With this lack of evidence for the existence of Jesus placed before them, the judge had to call a mistrial as a result of the juror’s indecisiveness to reach a decision as to whether Jesus was a real person or just a made up fable to promote a new religion. Many people left the court steadfast in what they have been taught by their culture and Western heritage, while others stood their ground on Jesus being a made up myth to give a new religion a foundation to be built upon.

The core of all religions is to control the mind and behavior of people. The religions of Atheism and Agnostics have the same root goal as any other religion. The religion of Christianity is rooted from the concepts of a mysterious people called Hebrews who copied their doctrines from the ancient Egyptians, the Sumerian, and others to form their religion.

If you consider the millions of life forms just on the planet Earth and what can be seen in space with the necked eye, there is little doubt that a grand source exists that sustains everything. Every human culture knows this source by different names, so the evidence that supports the existence of a divine being has multitudes of witnesses to validate it. But this Jesus has only one source saying that he is real and that source has an agenda to promote that is earthly, material, and self-serving.

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