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Indian B2B Clients – An Insight on Procurement Behavior

Noted American architect Louis Sullivan must have been talking about websites when he said “Form follows function.” Being on the Internet was the place to be as early as the beginning of the 1990’s. There are early adopters in every trend.

For those that joined the ‘click and order’ revolution back then were not just pioneers, but because of the unproven track record of the “online ocean”, many of the sites that family members, friends, co-workers, and web-designers of the “old age” designed back then are not only pre-historic, but most of them were about as sexy and functional as Social Security these days!

As I write to you today, the Internet is no longer in its infancy or on trial – get with it or be gotten by it! When looking to benefit from B2B sales, “new age” webpreneurs must be cognizant of what life was like in the “old age.”

The Web 1.0 era back in the 1990’s was all about introducing e-commerce. A standard 24 hour type of brochure-like website that provided a basic shopping cart was suitable. In the web 2.0 invasion during the mid 2000’s, me commerce was common practice. In improving B2B sales, blogging, mobile phones being equipped with internet access, and the inception of the social media were introduced as mainstream practices.

The web 3.0 generation is here now, and is about we commerce- catering to the customer is not only customary, it’s essential! Business owners who are not using video to market, individually tailored email messaging, and do not believe that communicating on the bountiful platforms of social media, are at a major disadvantage compared to those forward thinking folks who are.

You can’t discover new oceans If you won’t lose sight of the shore. Allow me to share 4 ways to better your B2B sales bottom line:

1. “Coax” Your Customers And Clients Core Values – Getting permission to market is critical these days. Actually, it’s the only way to get ahead!

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2. Develop and Design A Website That Works For Today’s Economy – Having a website or blog that is not only aesthetically pleasing to your viewer, but also functions and utilizes each modality of marketing is imperative.

3. Advertise Your Message By Blasting Your Message Into Cyberspace – Once you’ve equipped your website or blog with the necessary SEO compliance factors, it’s time to campaign your message using various technologies.

4. Create An Autonomous And Automated Marketing Funnel – Almost every online entrepreneur is passionate, but those that are distinctive are demanded, dictate their market value, and have a never ending tribe of “raving fans” waiting to work with them and their team.

In striving to increase your B2B sales efforts, I would recommend starting from the end and working your way back. When you understand where your customers and clients are going to end with your web funnel, results skyrocket!

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