Fishing the Flats With Henry Waszczuk


With regards to fishing the pads of Florida or Belize, Costa Rica or Mexico, you can’t improve the situation for an aide than Mr. Henry Waszczuk. Assuming you look at his TV show, Fishing the Flats, you’re ensured many long stretches of energizing excursions to distant all chasing nature’s most difficult game fish.


Waszczuk is a far-fetched supplier of fishing the pads TV. Brought into the world in England in 1950, he crossed the lake with his family as a little child. Football was his most memorable love, playing for Kent State, and later expertly, prior to putting down to show secondary school Science for 10 years or thereabouts. It was close to this time he started fishing the pads in Florida and somewhere

In no time, Waszczuk had his own fishing magazine, and he transformed long periods of calculating experience into dynamic fishing the pads TV. Some random week, the watcher can watch Waszczuk and group take on another experience. One episode Blossoms @ One North manage fishing the level (and super thin) waters of Charlotte Harbor, Florida, looking for the strong red-fish in its colder time of year territory.Then there’s the rush known exclusively to the fisher who really considers fishing the pads of the Florida Keys for tarpon, an animal known to weigh in at 100 pounds. Talking about fishing the pads in Florida, spicy reds can likewise be found in the mangroves of Clearwater, an encounter unmatched for those looking for perfect outside scenes.


Florida isn’t the main east coast site to give calculating joy. Fishing the pads of North Carolina, in Pamlico Sound, is known to yield monster reds for the athlete ready to be directed by Waszczuk.


Shouldn’t something be said about further away from home? Fishing the pads TV looks for bone-fish in the Bahamas, an outsize example called roosterfish in the extraordinary environs of Costa Rica, and shark, everything being equal, in Long Island, Bahamas. Fishing the level mucky waters of Louisiana is a remarkable encounter, poling a dinghy along back waters diminished and obscured by Spanish greenery hung trees.


Intriguing local people alone don’t make for riveting Fishing the pads TV. Your host, Henry Waszczuk, additionally gives educated direction on gear. What sort of rowboat is expected to fish the pads of St. Augustine for struggle, for instance? What sort of pole is ideal, what sort of line, what sort of draw?


Any inquiry you might have about fly fishing the pads makes certain to be replied over watching this show, or scrutinizing Waszczuk’s magazine called “Blades and Skins.”

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