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Brace Yourselves With The Best Self Defense Keychain

There are a hundred ways to protect yourself; each more innovative criminal defense attorney phoenix az than the last. If you are the kind of person who needs protection and convenience, you have to get self defense tools. One of the best contraptions to adopt is a self defense keychain. This might seem vague but there are multiple innovative versions of a keychain defense tool. The idea is to have something on you that will assist you in the case of impending danger.

What Types of Self Defense Tools Can You Get?

Depending on how you want to deal with threatening situations, there are many tools you can utilize. The world of Self Defense Keychain has expanded exponentially since the last few years. One of the cleverest inventions out of these tools is the keychain weapon. 

  • Cat self defense keychain is one such tool that is a portable, indistinguishable hand-held weapon. You can take it anywhere you go or even wear it as an accessory. The smartest thing about this keychain is that it looks like a charm or a ring and has sharp edges. If you’re under a physical threat, you can use the sharp cat ear self defense keychain to help yourself. 
  • Brass knuckle keychain is another form of a hand-held defense weapon that’s convenient and effective. It combines the force and bluntness of the brass knuckle that’s clunky and impactful with ease. You can keep the knuckle keychain in your normal keys or hold it regularly when you go out. 
  • The self defense ring is a purposeful defense tool when you think about how discreet and useful it is. An ordinary defense ring would usually be equipped with a stun gun that can shock your attacker. This ring is specifically useful for women and people who jog alone, so they can be on their guard. You can slip this ring onto your finger and confidently go out without the fear of being attacked. 
  • Pepper spray keychain is another useful tool you can carry with you everywhere you go. With the growing threat against safety, something like a strong pepper spray can be helpful. If you have pepper spray with you, you don’t even need to engage with your attacker. The stinging properties of the spray itself can cause temporary blindness and disarray.
  • The key ring hidden blade is a smart little invention that can save your life. If you ever find yourself in a position to defend yourself, you should consider packing a hidden blade. The small knife concealed within an ordinary object is the perfect weapon for self defense. You can hang it with your keys or onto your purse and be on your way.

Are Self Defense Keychains Legal in the United States?

  • There is a host of weapons that are being used in the States right now. For years now the enterprise of self defense weapons has been growing due to popular demand. That means that despite law enforcement there is a need for personal safety. That need is catered by licensed companies that produce smart self defense tools for daily use.

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