Biggest Poker Mistakes – I Bet You Make These 5 Biggest Mistakes Every Time You Play Poker


It doesn’t matter how much strategy, tips or tricks you learn, if you are making these biggest poker mistakes you will always lose and will never be able to win. Instantly eradicate them from your game and read this whole article now.

The following five poker mistakes, from what I can tell, are the biggest killers of poker success.

Biggest Poker Mistake #1

The first and biggest mistake you can ever make in poker – and if you only fix this one mistake you will become successful – is the mistake of not getting in the correct mindset when you play poker.

Actually taking just 5 or 10 minutes to get in the groove to ensure that you are going to be playing the absolute best poker game ever is the most important thing you can ever do and will do wonders for your game.

Biggest Poker Mistake #2

The second mistake players always make is they just find a place to play poker and start playing. You shouldn’t do this.

You need to correctly analyze where you are playing and why and actually have a good reason to be sitting down at the table and spot you are.

Looking at the players at the table, assessing the tables tightness or looseness, ensuring you can get a good seat in the right position in relation to the certain players and their styles; these are all crucially important to easily winning.

Biggest Poker Mistake #3

The next big mistake players make is that they don’t have their strategy, main tactics and methods of winning completely laid out in front of them. And I mean that figuratively SDY Prize (but also literally if you are playing online poker)

If you want to succeed at poker you definitely need to:

– Have a clear cut strategy that you are going to be implementing
– And stick to it
– Clear tactics of how you are going to win chips, pots and cash
– And actively work them
– Easy step by step techniques of how your strategy and tactics are actually implemented in the real world
– And perform them

Biggest Poker Mistake #4

A key mistake that players all make is they try to take on everything at once, improve their betting, cards, odds and outs calculations, bluffing, tells – everything- all at once!

Talk about impossible.

It’s much more effective to just have a single goal of the one thing you are going to learn and practice today. Define what is it that you are specifically practicing and learning for the session or day and really focus on it. Just let everything else be ‘automatic at your normal skill level’.

Biggest Poker Mistake #5

Another biggest mistake, when you walk away from your poker session, is not taking the time to reflect on what happened. The work you do away from the poker table is some of the most important work for the improvement of your game.

Success in poker – and success in anything really – isn’t just a magical explosion. It’s a long term accumulation of small improvements. Just like the marathon runner who gets up day after day and runs just that little bit farther, successful poker players play game after game and just do that little bit better each time.

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